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St Bees Bell Ringers Hymn

Angel voices from the steeple

Throbbing through the sunlit air

Call to-day a joyful people

To their house of praise and prayer

Labourers in far fields may hear them,

Shepherds listen on the fells,

Ring aloud to bless and cheer them!

Rock and ring ye happy bells!

Bells! Week in week out, be preachers,

Calling men to watch and pray,

Bid the chiming hours as teachers,

Warn us that we cannot stay

Send the Christmas message flying

Sound the Easter memories clear,

When the sad old year is dying

Welcome in the glad new year.

Speed the news to rouse a nation

Echoing down the country side,

Speak your sure congratulation

To the bridegroom and the bride,

And when men whose tears are falling

To the quiet churchyard come,

Toll the bell whose solemn calling,

Brings the worn and weary home

0 Lord God to whom we bring them-

Sons of fire and moulder's art.

Fill with fire the hands that ring them,

Mould anew each listener's heart

Till, like bells within a steeple,

Sounding forth with sweet accord,

Ringers, singers, priest and people

Make one voice to praise the Lord.

Suggested tune; Austria, by Josef Haydn