Steam Heating and Ventilation

Steam Heating and Ventilation
by William S. Monroe

The Engineering Record Series

Steam Heating




William S. Monroe, M. E.

Member American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Member American Society of Heating and Ventilating Engineers.

Member Western Society of Engineers.

New York

The Engineering Record


Copyright, 1902, by The Engineering Record.


The chapters comprising this book were originally written as a series of articles for The Engineering Record and have been some-what revised for their present form.

It has been the aim of the writer to present briefly the theoretical considerations involved in the design of heating and ventilating plants, and to compile the best of the large array of empirical formulas and data in a way that will be of value to those interested in the current practice of the art.

The writer has taken the liberty to refer frequently to previous works on the subject, and principally to those of Mills, Baldwin and Carpenter. He wishes to acknowledge special indebtedness to Mr. Alfred R. Wolff for many valuable data.

Wm. S. Monroe.

Chicago, August, 1901.

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