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I mentioned this before, but apparently it got lost somewhere in the wikidb..

I have already taken the 567-page PDF and converted it, by hand to 100% validated XHTML, for the purposes of converting and redistributing it in Plucker and iSilo format. In my version, I have added a proper TOC, and a mini-TOC at the beginning of each chapter. I've also linked every single annotation to its respective part in the Notes pages. I reformatted the Notes pages, per-chapter, to better display on mobile devices. I corrected several thousand punctuation problems and mis-hyphenated words across the document.

I spent a lot of hours putting this together, for the enjoyment of everyone, and I'm hoping it will be useful to others.

You can see the three versions here:

Validated XHTML version:

Plucker version:

iSilo version:

These are also on MemoWare and PalmGear for download as well.

Thanks Fwin for beginning the restructure. I was worried about just having a link to a huge pdf file that would make most browsers cough and splutter. Eclecticology 20:59, 26 Jul 2004 (UTC)

We do need to do some more work to the restructure, as I saw when I put Chapter 1 in (I intend to put in the first 3 chapters from the PDF file of the Report).

For instance, Chapter 1 has three sub-sections:

Inside the Four Flights Improvising a National Defence National Crisis Management

The unformatted, unwikified version is 79 KB at present. It doesn't have pictures either. (Do the pictures matter?). Also, the paragraphs need to be put in the right places.

Should we make new pages or should we have subheadings like these:

We have some planesEdit

Inside the four flightsEdit

Improvising a national defenceEdit

National crisis managementEdit

EuropracBHIT 09:51, 28 Jul 2004 (UTC)

Talk resumedEdit

I believe that editors should have a lot of latitude in how they break down a chapter. This kind of thing depends a lot on how the original text is presented. File sizes should be kept in control, but I accept that Wikisource would tolerate a much larger file size than Wikipedia. Wikipedia files will be edited far more frequently so I become concerned when they exceed 30 Kb. With a Wikisource file, once text formatting or OCR problems have been sorted out the texts tend to be very stable so that 100 Kb is not a big concern.

In addition to the paragraph structure, I imagine that you're already aware of the need to get rid of the flying heads.

In a work like this where copyright is not an issue, you as our editor for the work is in the best position to know whether to include the pictures. You have already seen them in context. It's up to you to determine whether they serve some useful purpose other than merely breaking up the monotony of long text. Eclecticology 17:42, 28 Jul 2004 (UTC)