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Is anyone able to check if this line from the speech is correct as it doesn't read right "They fell, and the prime factor in their fall was the fact that the parties tended to divide along the wealth that separates wealth from poverty." It looks like it should be 'line' instead of the 1st wealth, can anyone confirm?AllanHainey



This is tagged with the translator template as it was given in French. ?AllanHainey

I doubt this speech was made in French. There are a lot of references to it on the Net, and it was published in 1910 in English. cf. [1] Yann 22:46, 15 May 2007 (UTC)Reply

History of this speech?


Does anyone know of any sources where I might learn about the context for this speech? I want to know who was there, if he was speaking in response to any particular thing, etc...? Many thanks.

Here is a fruitful (albeit non-scholarly) article which provides some context into the Citizenship in a Republic, Check it.