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As a new user of wikisource, I posted this article that I had written and published elsewhere. I LOOKED BUT DID NOT FIND the 'standard mechanism' for specifying its shared copyright status, ON THE TEXT-ENTRY PAGE. That means the site needs to be improved! Please restore the article to its original posting, and tak out all the nonsense about possible copyright violation. Thank you. unsigned comment by Objectivist (talk) 2008-10-29T13:40:22.

Cold fusion theoretically dynamicsEdit

It seems for any stable cold fusion or low temperature e ergy action/reaction to occur is a continuous(inner core)chain reaction contained by encasing (outer core)with a containment charge simultaneously set to pressure nuclear fission back inward before uncontrolled nuclear reaction,then the Sincity95060 (talk) 01:46, 20 March 2018 (UTC)