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Information about this edition
Edition: Originally published in Keepsake in 1842.
Source: Literature:Classic
Level of progress:


The following table shows proofreading comparison between multiple online sources with differential links. Sources that exactly match the current text are not different, thus have no such links.

Source Notes same
Oldpoetry (diff) changes "leave me where I lie" to "leave to where I lie".
Netpoets (diff) Adds indentation (none in current). (diff) changes "leave me where I lie" to "leave to where I lie".
Modern Philology, Vol.62, No.2, p.139-141 Adds indentation. (Citation in print, more reliable than online.)
Poets' Corner (diff) capitalises the first word, adds indentation, lowercases "Time", changes a colon to a semicolon in stanza 2 line 5.

Based on the above sources, I added indentation. The other differences don't seem to match the original text. —[admin] Pathoschild 21:27, 14 November 2006 (UTC)

The note says the poem is from 1842. In fact it was published November 1850 in ‘The Keepsake’ for 1851 (sic) titled ‘Stanzas’. It then appeared in the 1851 (6th?) edition of Tennyson's Poems. (DM)

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