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The original document rests in the National Archives in Kew,Surrey, England. It is catalogued as:"Conveyance of lands by the Native American Chiefs of the Five Nations"- ID:CO 5/1046/758. It is not considered a "Treaty" as a inspection of the original surface does not show any signatures or totems other those of the Sachems of the Five Nations. The Treaty of Reswyck,1697, the English agreed the lands north of the Great Lakes was French, and the French accepted the Five Nations as English subjects. The overwhelming evidence is that the Five Nations were driven out of the lands described in the "Deed" and were militarily impossible to enforce or control the lands of the "Deed"- in 1698 their warriors were estimated at about 1200. The Four Directions Institute in California(sources North American Tribes) notes that they had abondoned the whole deed area by 1696. When Brant and the remaining survivors of the Six Nations were invited into Canada after the American Revolution,Gov.Genl. Haldimand bought land for them from the Mississauga for them to settle on (Grand River Valley), but had to ask for the permission of the resident(who had ejected them in 1696) for permission for the Six Nations to come on the Mississauga lands. The Five Nations had petitioned in 1684 to be considered English subjects, hence could receive firearms to fight the French. The Five/Six Nations were ceding lands covered by the"Nanfan Treaty" in the 19th century.unsigned comment by (talk) .