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Bad scanEdit

This biography is spread over two pages. The scan for the second page was completely unreadable, so I relied on the Google scan. The texts seemed to be slightly different. For the Google edition, the sentence on Richard Weston at the end of the article was completely missing, and an additional item was inserted in the list of Hartlib's writings: "10. 'A Discours of Husbandrie used in Brabant and Flanders, showing the Wonderful Improvement of Land there,' &c. [1650]." This addition increased all the succeeding numbers in the list, but otherwise the text looked to be the same. I kind of wonder where the djvu text layer came from, since I can't imagine any OCR software being able to extract much of anything from the image I'm seeing. Bob Burkhardt (talk) 02:19, 20 April 2011 (UTC)