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Hi all, this is my first try to do a complete work "by scratch" (uploading a djvu image of the book into commons, building up a proofread version of it and here a logical version of it).

Any help is really welcome. Please add here any comment/suggestion. Thanks!--Alex brollo 06:43, 19 June 2008 (UTC)

Associated djvu file with book's imagesEdit

I extracted all the drawing/pictures form the source book and I posted them into a djvu file: Image:Equitation_images.djvu.

They can be linked directly by following the instructions at Djvu: here an example:

Some testsEdit

As I told, I'm using Equitation to test anything I can under a valuable tutor (thanks John!).

Here some notice about my tests and temptative tricks.

  • Equitation comes from an Internet Archive e-book; t.i., from a djvu file, with a rough OCR transcription. Pages have been built by JVbot, but much revining work has to be done:
    • every row ends with a new line character, that has to be removed;
    • many ending word are splitted;
    • there are page headers and footers to be removed;
    • French, accented words have to be fixed.

I feel most comfortable using an external text processor (Notetab Light) to do some mass fixing of the whole txt file and to introduce some formatting of the text with customized functions that introduce basic wiki markup tags, then copying/pasting the resulting text into individual pages created by JVbot.

  • I created three very simple templates to introduce some code into pages and into chapters of logical version:
    1. Template:Equitation style, introducing a div tag for right and left margin;
    2. Template:Equitation image, with two parameter (page of drawing/pictures djvu file, Image:Equitation_images.djvu, caption), for left aligned, inside-text drawings;
    3. Template:Equitation image large, with the same parameters, for centered figures (b/n pictures and some large drawing).

In the first part of the work, I didn't use images templates, and I've to review deeply my work. See the last chapters (from Equitation/Chapter 17 to see the result of the use of all the new templates. --Alex brollo 06:43, 23 June 2008 (UTC)

Template:Equitation image updatedEdit

The Template:Equitation image has been updated adding two optional ordinal named parameters with default values.

parameter 3: no. of width pixels (default 300) parameter 4: position of transcluded image (default left)

So, this code: {{Equitation image|6|Test caption}} gives this result:

and this code: {{Equitation image|6|Test caption|200|center}} gives this result:

Contents off to the rightEdit

I just wanted to mention that the contents on the front page appears to be off to the right a bit. Otherwise, the text looks awesome. --Mattwj2002 11:34, 27 June 2008 (UTC)

Thanks for your suggestion! I tried to fix the page, feel free (obviously!) to change it again if you like. --Alex brollo 21:44, 4 July 2008 (UTC)
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