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Information about this edition
Edition: The provisions of Executive Order 10631 of Aug. 17, 1955, appear at:
20 FR 6057, 3 CFR, 1954-1958 Comp., p. 266, unless otherwise noted.
Source: Item # 2201901001 retrieved via search engine at The Vietnam Center & Archive: Virtual Archive
Contributor(s): George Orwell III
Level of progress: Reverted to the original un-amended 1955 issuance.   (10/31/2009)
Notes: Primary and Secondary sources at NARA and the Presidency Project provide the post-1988 amended text of EO 10631.
Original was located per discussion that follows and corrected to reflect the original issuance.

Is this the original text? I'm having trouble figuring out what changes Executive Order 12633 made, if so.--Prosfilaes (talk) 04:59, 1 November 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I think I see what the original author did. Instead of first providing the orginal without amendments HERE, he/she went ahead and applied the changes listed instead of listing the EOs that made changes since issued. I've been linking the EOs that relate or ameded the orginal issuance in a Notes section at the end using the info found at the Signed URL in the citation bar. but this was one that I just did quick header change & tweaks on the layout. My bad ← I assumed it was correct without checking - though I do not see 12633 listed by NARA either so go figure George Orwell III (talk) 06:18, 1 November 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Upon a closer inspection - I may have spoken too soon because I'm not seeing a difference re:12633 and what is here. FWIW... Item # 2201901001 used as the input at the Virtual VietNam Web search produces a copy of the orginial (I believe).
(EDIT) Could be this simple?
  • I am an American fighting man>comma< . . .
  • I am an American>comma< fighting . . . (dropped the gender reference?)
George Orwell III (talk) 06:38, 1 November 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Yup that was it - mostly variations on a theme concerning the elimination of any specific male gender references for nuetral ones in the issuance of EO 12633. Best I can tell, the other 2 pre-1988 EOs changed Secretary of the Treasury in Paragraph 2 to Secretary of Transportation (changed again to Sec. of Homeland Security since then btw) and the other one changed bound to give only to required to give in V (I hope that is everything).
I've reverted to the content to what I find using what's given now in the Source above but it's one of those PDF's you can't copy and paste from so a proofread by someone else would insure this matter has been resolved properly. George Orwell III (talk) 07:52, 1 November 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]