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Copyright ?Edit

Contributor please trace the source. Gandhi died in 1948. Under Indian law (life +60) this does not go into public domain until 2009.

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This was first publish in 1908. Is Indian law or American law which matters on Wikimedia? Yann 23:16, 30 Nov 2003 (UTC)
My original comment was put on the article page in that way in order to force people to pay attention to it. There was no indication whatsoever there about when the source text was first published. I think it is very important that we trace the origin for all works on this site, especially 20th century works and all translations.
We are probably safe in following US copyright law on this one, but the article should begin with a notice to users in countries that follow "life + 60" or greater, including the EU.


In "CHAPTER XII: THE CONDITION OF INDIA: DOCTORS", in the "In these cirsumstances, we are unfit to serve the country.", the word should probably be "circumstances". Can someone please verify and correct? Polybuildr (talk) 19:47, 28 August 2015 (UTC)