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Most Holy Father!

The priests of the College of the Venerable once the students are of SS. Of the Apostles Peter and Paul Ulyssiponensis, the number of about seventy, at the feet of your holiness shall be prostrate at the foot, that didst bring by the prayers of his own as well make requests to the students than those of others by name, those who are either present time, the College of they live in the above mentioned, and / or in time to come in the same are of their curriculum of studies and is completely, so that the burden of your happiness imposed on them, one in each month, to offer mass for the founders to relax Christian.

Thus in the following manner the obligation imposed upon them was: The top of the high priest in the year 1778, of pious memory, Pope Pius 6, gone into the reduction of the Rector of the College, granting a supralaudati, added, "that, however, a reduction of compensation in the form in the ejusinodi be done, His Holiness, he commanded that all the students who are in the said Seminary, inpræsens so they live, than hereafter to be to come, after he had withdrawn, the College of the aforesaid, Sacrifice of the Mass once each month, shall be held to apply for the souls of those who reduced the burdens of the Seminary of masses, they left them to the same. "

Our Quidain as Ordinary, the most reverend the bishops of England, regarding the existence of the aforesaid being so informed, of their burden, declared he would strongly to long for that as far as to permit the justice, and S. See, let us see, from the obligation of the students are so burdensome pæfati of the College may be delivered. Moreover, I will come the following orators they pray most humbly subjungendi may be drawn.

1 ° that by a hundred years, now extended, this charge, and during this interval of time, (as far as it is right to judge) of the mass is always commands have been faithfully discharge from.

2 ° the fact that so many priests in England, lead a life in the poorest, and, consequently, of masses, very much in need of alms.

3 ° that the same in England as many people as priests, they are weighed down by the burdens of masses, for which they receive no pay, SC:

(A) of applying the Mass, at least, out of charity, to every one and feasts of the Lord 's day now, or once out of the statute, on behalf of those whose care he is committed to them.

(B) the mass of speaking for the intentions of their benefactors, to which they serve, the churches, the most frequently that happens.

(C) of offering S. Sacrifice of the Mass once each month, on behalf of allies and benefactors, both living and the dead, commonly called, The Society of "The priests of worldly things;" Society of the things that, indeed, to themselves in the old age, or broken, the existing health is the only hope for in this life, then there is a forasmuch as the would furnish sustenance to them.

(D) to apply a once Sacrifice of the Mass of the same for every one of his companions, and benefactors of the Society recently departed.

(E) of speaking were also sent for every one of the dead, the priests, who, for this is a "common way" he bound himself, (Council of Westminster on the twenty 3. App. 3.)

4 ° similar to that which are not bound to the obligation of the students of the Colleges of others.

5 ° and most of all of all is a hocce time the matter themselves differently in any way they may have in regard to the support and the education of students in the College Ulyssiponensi, than the time of reduction of masses; for now there are all the expenses of the students or they loose by themselves or by others, or at least half of the or a part of them; on the other side with the reduction of the time of the students are freely receive the support of members of the college ipsins issues.

Emissaries of the aforesaid reasons, the prayers of these nixi snas Lowly of the Gospel of St, and thy holiness that they ask of the text, if by any chance from whatever cause, happen to the obligation by the above mentioned qiiempiam is wanting, Tna The holiness of the full pardon to bestow upon the authority of the Apostolic, and a burden of speaking in each month, extingtiere the mass, the blessing of the Apostolic, orators, to give his deign to .

           And God etc.
   Behalf of the partnership of students of the said College,
       PLACED IN FRONT William Brown,
        President of the Society of the Same.

HENRY, Brown,

The Secretary.

Ulyssiponensis above written petition of the College of students at all proving ", See Saiictae of prudence I commend the same most humbly,

       HENRY E. CARDINAL Manning,
        Archbishop of Westminster.

London, On the 28th of May 1879.

(The petition was sent to the Propagation of the HE, by Cardinal Manning, on May 28th, 1879.

               From the Audience SSmi day, of June, 1880.

S Smus Our Lord the Divine Providence Leo P. P. 13. The report of the undersigned S. Congnis the Secretary of the Propagation of the Faith, with kindness and is pleased to consent to covenants in place of grace according to the dispensatioiiis after having sued for, yet it has from the condition as orators, of the qnibns in the precibns, at one time for the tanttim Masses are celebrated.

   Given at Rome and from the. S. Conguis the day and year as above.
    Gratis, by whatever title,
    J. Majotte, by the Secretary.