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Edition: original edition
Source: (a .pdf file) This retyping of the original was published in J Neuropsychiatry Clin Neurosci 15:109-112, February 2003, as one of their series of "Classic Articles".
Contributor(s): User:Seejyb
Level of progress: 75%.svg
Notes: The first two paragraphs (originally both also in italics) do not appear in the reprint/retype in the source quoted above. See "Of Ohio" below.

"Of Ohio"Edit

In a photo of the original which I have seen, "Of Pomeroy, Ohio" and "essay read ...., 1872" appears in italics below the author's name. The "Of Pomeroy, Ohio" refers to the fact that he had started practicing there less than 6 months before. By the end of 1874 Huntington, now married, was back in East Hampton, New York, where he had been born and raised, and where he had qualifed and worked for a short while. He practiced for the rest of his life in the State of New York. Because of this, there have been "conflicting" references to Huntington as "an Ohio physician", while others would have him be "a New York physician" or "a Long Island physician". Those of us outside of the USA tend to refer to him as "an American physician". Hopefully this description of the original printed article will give some clarity to those concerned. --Seejyb 20:48, 25 July 2006 (UTC)