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Information about this edition
Edition: Slash and burn 2013
Source: Svedjebruk ISBN 9788293036005 Wiki version
Contributor(s): Editor Bjørn Eggen
Level of progress:
Notes: OTRS Ticket 2013040210010711
Proofreaders: Tatiana Butterworth


I got to know Per Martin Tvengsberg some years ago Because of his previous capacity as curator at Hedmark Museum. Later I learned about his theories of how "slash and burn" cultivation culture has formed Europeans. Slash and burn culture according to Per Martin Tvengsberg influenced European culture over perhaps 10,000 years and thus have evolutionary consequences for its descendants. Regular stationary agriculture has only been around for one to two thousand years and therefore not as strong impact. And this is not much researched on! Perhaps because of insufficient archaeological material? But it is no less possible that his theories are correct for that reason. The current prevailing theory that we went from being hunters and gatherers to suddenly engage stationary agricultural overnight. How likely is that?

Is Per Martin Tvengsberg coming with a missing link here? He supports his theories with incredible exciting reports far back as it is possible to get: Homer, Cesar, Tacitus, Ibn Rustah etc. There must be a huge effort in just finding these sources.

His approach was in itself being a descendant of people from that culture. The more he drilled into the material, he began to see possible connections with other tracks that were almost wiped out of time.

I think this must be communicated to the world and has been helping to post it on Wikisource. --Svedjebruk (talk) 10:36, 15 June 2013 (UTC)

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