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Edition: English Edition
Contributor(s): Anyr
Level of progress: Done 100 percent.svg
Notes: Some translations from the original French (I believe.) are incorrect, such as grain and corn.
Proofreaders: yyy, zzz


This translation is by W.H.G. Kingston (or more probably, his wife Agnes), and not I.O.Evans as someone else has claimed. (will edit page). The translation was first published by Shepard (1874, Boston) and Sampson Low (1875, London), and subsequently republished by numerous other publishers.

The page given as the source is based on Project Gutenberg file. Would be nice to know more precisely which printing of the book this orignated from.

Note that the sources use "Dropped from the Clouds" as the title for Part I — the Sampson Low title. "Shipwrecked in the Air" originates from Shepard.

The I.O.Evans edition was an "edited version of the Kingston translation" (ref. A.B.Evans).

Project Gutenberg is another early translation, by Stephen W. White. Two modern (not public domain) translations are by Jordan W. Stump (Modern Library) and Sidney Kravitz (Wesleyan University Press).

Reference: A Bibliography of Jules Verne’s English Translations by Arthur B. Evans (unrelated to I.O. Evans?).

--zaqrfv 08:05, 15 December 2008 (UTC)

Stephen W WhiteEdit

Although not directly available at, it does link to a certain Project Gutenburg title. [[1]]. I am not sure if it is appropriate to use, though. I herd you liek mudkips (talk) 19:35, 23 October 2017 (UTC)

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