Talk:The poetical works of William Blake; a new and verbatim text from the manuscript engraved and letterpress originals/The Tyger

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"Welche Flügel trägst du kühn?

War wagt wohl, zu nah'n dem Glüh'n?"

in the German translation should read:

"Welche Flügel trägst du kühn?

Wer wagt wohl, zu nah'n dem Glüh'n?"

Doesn't it? War doesn't make sense here, wer would -in my opinion- be right.

I decided to change the page to correct this error. If it isn't an error, please feel free to change it back and explain here why it should be left that way.
I found a button that shows the scanned image which says Wer instead of War. I'm definitely right.

Yes, you are, @ Thanks for paying attention and going out of your way to fix it! Prosody (talk) 01:02, 28 February 2014 (UTC)Reply