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Edition: August 24, 1816
Source: Prairie Band Potawatomi Web
Contributor(s): Squideshi
Level of progress: Text complete 50%.svg
Notes: Needs proofreading

Additional sourcesEdit

In addition to the Prairie Band Potawatomi Web website listed above, the text of this treaty, is available from the Kappler Project at the Oklahoma State University Library. The website includes page images, with additional notes, from Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler of the United States Government Printing Office in Washington and published in 1903-04. Kappler's source, ultimately being the United States Statutes at Large (7 Stat. 146).

See alsoEdit

Fay, George E., ed. Treaties Between the Potawatomi Tribe of Indians and the United States of America, 1789 - 1867. Greeley, Colorado, University of Northern Colorado, 1971.

Kappler, Charles J., ed. Indian Treaties 1778-1883. Mattituck, New York, Amereon House, 1972.

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