Taming of the Shrew (1921) Yale/Appendix C


The Text of the Present Edition

The text of the present volume is, by permission of the Oxford University Press, that of the Oxford Shakespeare, edited by the late W. J. Craig, except for the following deviations:

1. The stage directions of the Folio have been restored as far as possible, with necessary modern additions enclosed in square brackets.

2. A few changes in spelling have been made, as: antic for antick, buzz for buz, bass for base (string), and villainy for villany.

3. Certain alterations of punctuation have been introduced, and the following readings have been changed, chiefly to follow the Folio more closely. The changes adopted in the present text precede the colon; Craig's readings follow it, the Folio authority being given wherever involved:

Dramatis Personæ
and throughout.
Katherina F: Katharina
Ind. i. 17 cur, is: cur is
Ind. i. 64 And when F: And, when is, say F: is—say
Ind. ii. 75 Christopher F: Christophero
Ind. ii. 129 despite (despight F): spite
Ind. ii. 139 I will let F: I will; let play. It is F: play it. Is
Ind. ii. 140 comonty, (Comontie, F): commonty gambold, F: gambold
I. i. 25 Me Pardonato F : Mi perdonate mine: F: mine,
I. i. 48 farther F: further
I. ii. 51
IV. ii. 75

I. ii. 28 leges F: 'leges
I. ii. 145 it is F: 'tis
I. ii. 154 paper F: papers
I. ii. 210 larums F: 'larums
II. i. 25 venuto,: venuto;
II. i. 160 had she F: she had
II. i. 190 Kates F: cates
II. i. 202 as you F: as bear you
II. i. 207 should—buzz! (should: buzze. F): should buzz
II. i. 324 seek, is F: seek is,
III. i. 19 pointed F: 'pointed
III. ii. 1
III. i. 28, 31, 43 Hic F: Hac
III. i. 28, 33, 43 Sigeria F: Sigeia
III. i. 45 not, F: not;
III. ii. 15 point F: 'point
III. ii. 16 Make friends, invite F: Make friends invite
III. ii. 170 why, he F: why he
III. ii. 239 we are F: we're
IV. i. 51 jacks: Jacks (Iackes F)
IV. i. 52 jills: Jills (Gils F)
the carpets F: and carpets
IV. i. 93 slickly F: sleekly
IV. ii. 35 world F: world,
IV. ii. 45 longeth F: 'longeth
IV. iv. 7
IV. ii. 73, 74 farthest F: furthest.
IV. iii. 2 wrong, F: wrong
IV. iii. 58 beads, F: beads
IV. iii. 134 Imprimis, a F: Imprimis. A
IV. iii. 150 where, thou: where thou F
IV. iii. 177 What, is: What is F
IV. iv. 91 except: expect F
V. i. 5 a' (a F): o'
V. i. 6 master's: master (mistris F)
V. i. 76 cerns (cernes F): 'cerns.
V. i. 105 say that F: say, that
V. i. 115 sweet F: sweetest
V. i. 118 Vincentio, F: Vincentio;
V. i. 146 all but: all, but F
V. ii. 3 scapes F: 'scapes.
V. ii. 78 I'll (Ile F): I will
V. ii. 114 crowns, F: crowns;