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This template creates a link, with text, between the annotated and original (or "clean") texts in the Main namespace.


{{Annotation header}}

{{Annotation header|annotation subpage name}}

This template uses an optional, unnamed parameter. The default use of the template assumes that the annotated work will be in the subpage "Annotated". For example, the annotated version of Original work will be Original work/Annotated. It will also adjust to account for subpages of the original, so the annotated version of Original work/Chapter One will be Original work/Annotated/Chapter One.

However, if a different name is being used for the annotated work, this can be entered as the parameter. For example, if the annotated version is Original work/Annotated Edition, this can be implemented by {{Annotation header|Annotated Edition}}.


In the notes field of the {{header}} template.

See alsoEdit

  • {{Annotation}} – used in the body of a work. eg. {{annotation|text for body of the work}}
  • {{Annotations}} – used at the base of the document to collect any reference material to which referred.
  • {{Annotation switch}} – used in the body of the work to replace text for the annotated version (eg. to add wikilinks)