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This template simply combines {{x-larger}} and {{syriac}} to enhance readability, applies a line-height modifier to ensure it doesn't break paragraph flow, and displays the text with a small amount of space (0.1em left and right).


As with {{syriac}}, the template takes one required parameter and an optional second font parameter, the latter of which may be left implicit or invoked explicitly with font=.

{{big syriac|ܥܰܠܝܡܳܐ‎}} yields:

  • ܥܰܠܝܡܳܐ‎

{{big syriac|ܩܢܘܡܐ|estrangelo}} yields:

  • ܩܢܘܡܐ

Since this template was meant originally for use in Theodor Nöldeke's Compendious Syriac Grammar, the default font is defined as serto.

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