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This template message is for pages that are referenced externally (for example, in a published book or linked from an external website) or has high traffic but has been deleted. Don't place it on every deleted page!

The purpose of the template is to provide succinct information as a courtesy to people following external references and to prevent damage to Wikisource's reputation that may result from such a broken link.

{{deleted referenced page
  | title        = 
  | year         = 
  | author       = 
  | deletiondate = 
  | reason       = 
  | link         = 


All parameters are optional.

  • title: The title of the deleted work. By default, the template will use the page title.
  • year: The year of publication of the work.
  • author: The author of the work. If an author page exists this will automatically create a link.
  • date: The date of the deletion. This will not be linked; any text can be entered here in any date format.
  • reason: See Reason (below).
  • link: The pagetitle of the deletion discussion for this work. If not included, the template will create a search based on the page title and, if used, the reason parameter.


Any string can be entered by the user to be displayed as a reason for the deletion. However, to simplify and standardise this process, the following default options are available:

Keyword(s) Text
copyvio because it was a copyright violation.
translation copyvio because translation was a copyright violation.
translation copyright
licence because it was not correctly licensed.
published because it was not an independently published work (see our inclusion policy).
source because it had no source (see our inclusion policy).
scope because it was out of the scope of this project.


{{deleted referenced page
  | title        = Patrick Buchanan's Speech to 1992 GOP Convention
  | year         = 
  | author       = 
  | deletiondate = 23 March 2011
  | reason       = copyvio
  | link         = Wikisource:Possible copyright violations/Archives/2011-04#Patrick Buchanan's Speech to 1992 GOP Convention

{{deleted referenced page
  | title        = GnuFU
  | year         = 2003
  | author       = 
  | deletiondate = 31 August 2007
  | reason       = scope
  | link         = Wikisource:Proposed deletions/Archives/2005-12#October 2005

NB: GnuFU is used as an example only. The guide was actually transferred to Wikibooks, where it has since been merged into a larger textbook.

{{deleted referenced page
  | title        = Futurist Manifesto
  | year         = 1909
  | author       = Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
  | deletiondate = August 2010
  | reason       = copyvio
  | link         = Wikisource:Possible copyright violations/Archives/2010-08#Futurist Manifesto

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