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Purpose Edit

This template provides a means to link more easily from within the running text of articles in the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica, both at the main article space and from the page scans. It can also duplicate the functionality of existing templates to provide automatically–small capped links.

It also corrects the oversight in existing templates that fail to automatically correct lower-case links (i.e., to /foo) to the actual capitalized (/Foo) formatting of Wikisource's articles.

Usage Edit

{{EB1911 Intra-Article Link|name of the article}}

{{EB1911 Intra-Article Link|display name|name of the article}}

{{EB1911 Intra-Article Link|display name|name of the article|sc=1}}

{{EB1911 Intra-Article Link|name of the article|sc=1}}

Examples Edit

{{EB1911 Intra-Article Link|Abyssinia}} gives Abyssinia.

{{EB1911 Intra-Article Link|Abyssinia|sc=1}} gives Abyssinia.
[Note that this “1” can be set to any value—“yes”, “0”, “no”—other than an empty space and the link will still be formatted to small caps.]

{{EB1911 Intra-Article Link|abyss}} gives abyss but links to 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Abyss.

{{EB1911 Intra-Article Link|the British colony|Somaliland#British Somaliland}} gives the British colony which links to the British subsection within the larger Somaliland article.

Note Edit

This template still does not support the linking of article names that are themselves in all-caps:

{{EB1911 Intra-Article Link|ABYSSINIA}} gives ABYSSINIA.

Such names—when encountered, e.g., on the automated page scans—should still be formatted to their normal capitalization before being linked.

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