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This template enables linking from 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica entries to other Encyclopædia Britannica entries. This template links absolutely, so it can be used anywhere, including in the Page: namespace.


{{EB1911 article link|name of the article}}

{{EB1911 article link|display name|name of the article}}

{{EB1911 article link|display name|name of the article|nosc=yes}}

{{EB1911 article link|name of the article|nosc=yes}}



{{EB1911 article link|Ballistics}} gives: Ballistics

Different linkEdit

Where the underlying link is different from the text, a second variable can be added to override the displayed text:

{{EB1911 article link|Phiz|Browne, Hablôt Knight}} gives: Phiz

No small capsEdit

Where no small-caps is required, then that can be overridden:

{{EB1911 article link|Phiz|Browne, Hablôt Knight|nosc=yes}} gives: Phiz


1) This template does not automatically provide links from lower-case forms of article names.

{{EB1911 article link|wiz|nosc=yes}} gives: wiz,
which will not provide a link to an article titled “Wiz”. Instead, one must provide the capitalized form manually, as
{{EB1911 article link|wiz|Wiz|nosc=yes}}.

2) Most articles in the encyclopædia do not have disambiguation pages, such that a template being used for "Wiz" will red-link even though there may exist several articles under dabbed titles, such as "Wiz (cheese)", "Wiz (cheez)", "Wiz of Oz", "Wiz, Bang, 1st Baronet of Lesser Darbyshire", &c.

3) Similarly, some q.v and see notices in the encyclopædia direct to names which do not exist as separate titles, such as those to French Somaliland and Somaliland, French which are actually dealt with as a subsection of the Somaliland article.