Flow text beneath an element (nominally a transparent image.)

Usage edit

{{flow under|image=[[File:Pinafore-91.png|frameless|200px]]|side=left|height1=70px|width1=100%|height2=6em|width2=105px}}

Parameters edit

  • image: Basic element to be displayed; typically an image with transparency capabilities, specified in full [[File:...|frameless|size]] format.
  • watermark: Alternate name for element above.
  • side: Either "left" (default) or "right": specifies toward which margin to align above element.
  • caption: Optional title to be added beneath image centred within the last-specified widthn value (assumed to be full usable width of bottom of image.) Caption is presented as bold, yet marginally smaller than normal text in order to distinguish it from the latter.
  • width: Optional: specify maximum width of element. Default: 100%.
  • heightn: height of n-th box area to preserve from text flow. n may range from 1 to 9.
  • widthn: width of n-th box area to preserve from text flow. n may range from 1 to 9.

The "boxes" described by the various numbered heightn and widthn parameters designate regions protected from normal text flow. Regions cascade down the side margin specified starting at the top of element, and are intended to mark areas of the element which are opaque. As normal text flow occurs "beneath" the element, such parts of the element can (and will) obscure text.

"Helper" templates edit

To assist with situations where the text flow might itself contain links subject to usurpation by the overlying primary element (say, a large image), these associated simple templates have been provided to mark regions of text which must be "elevated" to the foreground (i.e. whose contained links should take precedence over the primary element):

{{flow under/text|foreground text}}
Ensure text (typically an entire paragraph) is elevated into the foreground.
{{flow under/text/s}}
Start region of text to be "foregrounded".
{{flow under/text/e}}
End region of text to be "foregrounded.

The last pair of templates may be used to cross from one Page: to another; but do not cater for internal paragraphs.

Please note, these templates highlight the affected region when used in the Template: or any *Talk: namespace as a visual aid to discussions, as seen in the example below. However this behaviour is suppressed in all other namespaces and, apart from effect, these templates are "invisible" in normal use.

Example edit

  HE ward-room lunch was finished, and all the ladies were playing "Bridge" for nuts with the officers, except Josephine, whose thoughts were too much occupied with other and more important matters. So she came on deck to indulge in a rêverie all alone.

"It is useless," said she to herself; "Sir Joseph's attentions disgust me. I know that he is a truly great and good man, for he told me so himself, and of course he would know;…

See also edit

  • {{Overfloat image}}: performs reverse operation to this template, i.e. text is floated above an image element
  • {{Img float}}: allows for text to flow over images using more complex polygons