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"[[The Folk-Lore Journal/Volume {{{2}}}/{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]" in The Folk-Lore Journal, [[The Folk-Lore Journal/Volume {{{2}}}|{{{2}}}]]

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This template enables linking from Wikisource articles (usually author pages or portals) to articles in the Wikisource edition of The Folk-Lore Journal.


{{Folk-Lore link|title of article page|volume number}}


* {{Folk-Lore link|Folk-lore from Boddam-Whetham's Roraima and British Guiana|5}}

displays as:


The order of the parameters by default is

  1. title of article page = title
  2. volume number = vol

though if you use all parameter names, order can be varied. All these parameters are mandatory for a functional template link to be generated.

  • Two optional parameters can be used:
    • anchor to change the link position on referred page to a predefined anchor
    • author to include the name of the author of the article


{{Folk-Lore link
 |title=Folk-lore from Boddam-Whetham's Roraima and British Guiana
 |author=Mabel Peacock

{{Folk-Lore link
 | type = journal
 | vol = 1 
 | article = Modern Witchcraft in County Durham 
 | link = Notes, Queries, Notices, and News (pp. 28-32)
 | anchor = The Divining-Rod in Gloucestershire
 | p = 29

{{Folk-Lore link
 | type = qr
 | volume = 21 
 | link = Obituary/Alfred Nutt
 | article = In Memoriam: Alfred Nutt
 | p = 272 | pp = 274

retrospectively produce

"Folk-lore from Boddam-Whetham's Roraima and British Guiana" by Mabel Peacock in The Folk-Lore Journal, 5 (1887)

"Modern Witchcraft in County Durham" in The Folk-Lore Journal, 1 (1883), p. 29

"In Memoriam: Alfred Nutt" in Folk-Lore, 21 (1910), pp. 272−274