Template:Header daily issue

{{{3}}}th [[{{{1}}}/{{{curr}}}/{{{2}}}|]], [[{{{1}}}/{{{curr}}}|{{{curr}}}]]

See the [[Index:{{{1}}}, {{{curr}}}-{{{2}}}-{{{3}}}.djvu|scan index]] for this issue.

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Produces a header for a newspaper or other daily periodical.

{{Header daily issue
|The New York Times| <!--name of the periodical-->
curr=1904|4|1|       <!--date of this issue in YYYY|M|D format-->
prev=1904|3|30|      <!--date of the previous issue-->
next=1904|4|2}}      <!--date of the next issue-->

(Note that numbers do not have leading zeros.)

This template relies on a strict formatting of the page and index names to work (this will also increase consistency between works). The format of the daily issue pages is:

    Publication name/YYYY/MM/DD
eg: The New York Times/1904/04/01

Year and month collections are the levels above this.

The scans should be located at:

    File:Publication Name, YYYY-MM-DD.djvu
eg. File:The New York Times, 1904-04-01.djvu

Optional ParametersEdit

Author, Translator and notes parameters are optional:

{{Header daily issue
|The New York Times|
author=Author Jones|
translator=Translator McGee|
notes=What a jolly fine publication this is!

What a jolly fine publication this is! I dare say I shall subscribe.

See the scan index for this issue.