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Purpose edit

This template formats Hebrew text to make its appearance more archaic, as is appropriate for most Wikisource texts.

Note: this is not a language template, it is stylistic only. {{lang-he}} should be used for setting the HTML language attribute, possibly in addition to this template.

This template will specify a font that can be provided by the Universal Language Support system as a webfont, so readers do not require the font to be installed locally. If they do have the font installed locally, no webfont will be loaded.

Usage edit

An optional second parameter may be used to provide a rollover translation. This template inserts a left-to-right mark after the text unless the parameter lrm=no is used. In addition, one may specify the small=yes parameter, which will prevent the template from making the text larger than its surroundings.



renders as: אדם

{{he|אדם|man; or, Adam, the first man.}}

renders as: אדם


renders as: אדם

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