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Use this to force a page break for paginated devices like e-readers. On the wiki website, it will be invisible. This can be used to start sections or verses that are on new pages in print, but on a single page on the wiki, to start on a new page on e-readers.


{{center|Page 1}}
{{invisible page break}}
{{center|Page 2 - this will be a new page in an e-reader}}

Page 1

Page 2 - this will be a new page in an e-reader

See alsoEdit

  • {{page break}} The base bage break template - unconditionally forces a page break when the document is displayed in a paginated format, such as an ebook export.
  • {{padded page break}} An unconditional page break with some padding and no label.
  • {{invisible page break}} An unconditional page break that is invisible in the browser.
  • {{no break after}} Inhibit page breaks after an element. Can be used to keep a title and the first paragraph of the following content together.
  • {{pagenum}} Do not break the text but add a page number that is compatible with the normal page numbering Javascript. (this replaces the parameter usage left)