Template:NSRW article link

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This template enables linking from The New Student's Reference Work (NSRW) articles to other NSRW articles. This template links absolutely, so it can be used anywhere, including in the Page: namespace.


{{NSRW article link|name of the article}}

{{NSRW article link|display name|name of the article}}

{{NSRW article link|display name|name of the article|nosc=yes}}

{{NSRW article link|name of the article|nosc=yes}}



{{NSRW article link|Auxanometer}} gives: Auxanometer

Different linkEdit

Where the underlying link is different from the text, a second variable can be added to override the displayed text:

{{NSRW article link|Grant|Grant, Ulysses S}} gives: Grant

No small capsEdit

Where no small-caps is required, then that can be overridden:

{{NSRW article link|Carl Schurz|Schurz, Carl|nosc=yes}} gives: Carl Schurz