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This template provides the basic header and features required for a national portal in the "Texts by Country" class (Class I).


The most basic usage of this template is:


This will automatically display all of the required basic information for a portal.

However, in cases where some adjustment is required, some or all of the following parameters may be used:

 | subclass1   = 
 | reviewed    = 
 | flag        = 
 | parent      = 
 | category    = 
 | nation      = 
 | wikipedia   = 
 | commons     = 
 | commonscat  = 
 | wikiquote   = 
 | wikinews    = 
 | wiktionary  = 
 | wikibooks   = 
 | wikiversity = 
 | wikispecies = 
 | meta        = 
 | note        = 

If this is still insufficient then the portal's contents will need to be entered manually. See {{portal header}} instead.


  • subclass1: Use as per {{portal header}}
  • reviewed: Use as per {{portal header}}
  • flag: An alternative image for the portal (use the entire file name, including the initial "File:")
  • category: An alternative category for the portal
  • parent: To link to a parent portal, making this portal a grandschild portal of Class I.
  • nation: Alternative text for "nation" in the default notes text
  • wikipedia: Sister link to Wikipedia
  • commons: Sister link to a gallery on Wikimedia Commons
  • commonscat: Sister link to a category on Wikimedia Commons
  • wikiquote: Sister link to Wikiquote
  • wikinews: Sister link to Wikinews
  • wiktionary: Sister link to Wiktionary
  • wikibooks: Sister link to Wikibooks
  • wikiversity: Sister link to Wikiversity
  • wikispecies: Sister link to Wikispecies
  • meta: Sister link to Meta
  • note: Additional text in the "notes" field of the header, following the standard text.

Automatic functionsEdit

This template will automatically do the following:

  • Classify the portal as part of Class I (Texts by Country). This cannot be overridden.
  • Categorise the portal in Category:NATIONAL, where NATIONAL is the name of the portal. This can be overridden by the category parameter.
  • Link to the sister projects Wikipedia (Portal:NATIONAL), Wikimedia Commons (Category:NATIONAL) and Wikinews (Portal:NATIONAL). Again, where NATIONAL is the name of the portal. These can be overridden by the parameters wikipedia, commonscat and wikinews.
  • Display the image of the national flag, which is assumed to be "File:Flag of NATIONAL.svg". If this is incorrect, it can be overridden with the flag paramater.

Non-nation statesEdit

This template can be used in portals that do not represent nation states (or that are no longer independent nation states), including federal states, counties and other districts. In these cases:

  1. Use the parent parameter to link to the actual nation state.
  2. Use the nation parameter to define the exact nature of the area (ie. state, county etc).
  3. Set the subclass1 parameter to the correct non-national subclassification.

If this is insufficient, use the full {{portal header}} instead.

See alsoEdit

  • {{Person}} — similar variant of the portal header of person-specific portals