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{{ref}} and {{note}} are used for customizable inline references to footnotes.

Usage edit

Default edit


{{note|identifier}} Reference text.


  Reference text.

Replace "identifier" with a unique number or name, which will be used as the link text and target. This is usually an incremental number (like "1") or letter (like "a").

Customized edit

You can customize the appearance to match a particular format using optional parameters. {{quote|

Text{{ref|identifier|visible ref text!}}.

{{note|identifier|visible note text!}} Footnote text.

Textvisible ref text!.

visible note text!  Footnote text.

Formatting edit

By default, notes are bold and italic. Setting |bold=no and/or |italics=no will disable bold and italic formatting respectively.

{{note|identifier|not bold text!|bold=no}} Footnote text.

{{note|identifier|not italic text!|italics=no}} Footnote text.

{{note|identifier|not bold or italic text!|bold=no|italics=no}} Footnote text.

not bold text!  Footnote text.

not italic text!  Footnote text.

not bold or italic text!  Footnote text.

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