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This template should not be substituted.


Use this template in the talk page associated with a work to provide information about past possible copyright violation discussions. This can be useful to prevent repeat discussions in the future.

| month  = 
| year   = 
| result = 
| page   = 


  • month: The month the discussion was archived (not the month of nomination). Use the two digit format (01 for January, 06 for June, 11 for November, etc).
  • year: The year the nomination was archived; in four digit format.
  • result: The result of the discussion. Default value is keep; automatically rendered in bold.
  • page: The anchor link on the archive page related to this discussion (ie. the section title). Default value is "{{PAGENAME}}".

All parameters are used to create a link to the discussion in the archives.


Based on the {{oldpd}} template.

See alsoEdit

  • {{oldpd}} — for past proposed deletion discussions