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Biographical header template for the articles contained within the work A Dictionary of the Booksellers and Printers who Were at Work in England, Scotland and Ireland from 1641 to 1667

It use will enable full construction of the header and transclusion of the biographical article where it is a subpage of the identified work.


  • article is the article name of the biography
  • from starting number for page in Page: namespace; equivalent from in <pages> tag
  • to ending number for page in Page: namespace; equivalent to in <pages> tag
  • previous article name of preceding biography
  • next article name of next biography
  • wikipedia name of corresponding wikipedia article
  • notes standard notes field
 | article    = 
 | from       = 
 | to         = 
 | previous   = 
 | next       = 
 | wikipedia  = 
 | notes      =