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Produces text styled like the proofread statuses, e.g. Proofread. For use in documentation.

  • 1: the status (0–4, or without text, etc)
  • 2: the text, or the status name is used by default:
  • Numeric status:
    • {{page status text|0}}: Without text
    • {{page status text|1}}: Not Proofread
    • {{page status text|2}}: Problematic
    • {{page status text|3}}: Proofread
    • {{page status text|4}}: Validated
  • Status as text
    • {{page status text|without text}}: Without text
    • {{page status text|not proofread}}: Not Proofread
    • {{page status text|problematic}}: Problematic
    • {{page status text|proofread}}: Proofread
    • {{page status text|validated}}: Validated
  • With custom text:
    • {{page status text|4|This text is formatted like "Validated"}}: This text is formatted like "Validated"

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