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This template can be used to display Phoenician letters.


In this template, each Phoenician letter corresponds to a letter or group of letters in the Latin alphabet. This template is case-sensitive.

Example: {{Phoenician|b}} or {{phn|b}} gives 𐤁.

This template also takes a second, optional parameter to specifiy the size. Default is x14px.

Example: {{phn|T|x25px}} gives 𐤈.

Table of correspondance
Phoenician Latin
𐤀 ʼāleph a
𐤁 bēth b
𐤂 gīmel g
𐤃 dāleth d
𐤄 h
𐤅 wāw w
𐤆 zayin z
𐤇 ḥēth H
𐤈 ṭēth T
𐤉 yōdh y
𐤊 kaph k
𐤋 lāmedh l
𐤌 mēm m
𐤍 nun n
𐤎 sāmekh s
𐤏 ‘ayin o
𐤐 p
𐤎 ṣādē S
𐤒 qōph q
𐤓 rēš r
𐤔 šin sh
𐤕 tāw t