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Used to show the progress of a proofreading project.


  • This takes one unnamed parameter: the name of the main page of the project
  • title= (optional) If you'd like the page title to be a piped link, include the preferred title here
  • width= (optional) Width of the entire template (defaults to 100% page width)
  • total= (required) Total number of pages in the project
  • validated= (optional) Number of validated pages
  • proofread= (optional) Number of proofread pages
  • notext= (optional) Number of pages marked "without text"
  • problematic= (optional) Number of pages marked "problematic"

If your project does not have any pages of a certain type, omit that parameter.


{{progress|United States – Vietnam Relations, 1945–1967: A Study Prepared by the Department of Defense|title=Pentagon Papers|total=7000|validated=365|proofread=222|notext=39}}
Pentagon Papers


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