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Rationale Edit

This template is designed for representing sections of blocked-out ("redacted") text. It is similar to the {{redact}} template but has more options, wraps like normal text, and degrades gracefully in color-free or non-CSS situations.

Advantages Edit

  • Bar color and/or bar outline color can be specified
  • Bar can wrap across multiple lines; no running off the right side of the window or page
  • Provides a textual representation (# # # # #) for HTML clients without CSS or color capability

Disadvantages Edit

  • Unit of measure for bar extent is not precisely defined, so some trial and error may be required in layout
  • Bar extent has an upper limit (although this can be adjusted in the template code)

Examples Edit


Parameters Edit

  • first, unnamed parameter = size, in units slightly less than 1 em (default: 8; sizes greater than 400 are truncated)
  • color = bar color (default: black)
  • bordercolor = bar outline color (default: none)

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