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This template formats text in the Samaritan alphabet by forcing the text to render in fonts that support the script. The list of fonts is available at {{Samaritan/fonts.css}}.


It takes one required argument which can be left unnamed or explicitly named "text". Example:

  • {{samaritan|ࠇࠉࠋࠉࠊ}} or {{samaritan|text=ࠇࠉࠋࠉࠊ}}


  • ࠇࠉࠋࠉࠊ

This is the English Wikisource, so Samaritan <span>s are expected to be embedded in left-to-right paragraphs; therefore by default this template ends with the left-to-right marker (&#lrm;). If you want to disable it, add the argument "nolrm=1".