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Helper template to display a page number (param 1), linking to the page within the scanned file with an offset specified in param 2.

This template gives links for tables of contents using a page number from the original text and a simple offset to link to the page in the scan.

Usage Edit

{{scan page link|real number|scan offset}}

In the main namespace, this gives a simple, unlinked label consisting of {{{1}}}, the number in the "real" book.

In the page: namespace, it gives a link to the relevant page in the scan with the number in the first parameter added to the second eg. (Page:XXXX.djvu/{{{1}}}+{{{2}}}). The correct scan file is deduced from the page the template is used on.

In the index namespace, it will additionally show the proofreading status of the pages as a background colour.

Example Edit

In the table of contents for Mandragora:

{{scan page link|1|16}}

This will then link to page 17 (i.e. 1+16), which is "Page:Mandragora.djvu/17" from the page it is used on and the index page when transcluded, and will show the page number (unlinked) in the main namespace. In both places, the link will read "1".

Additional parameters Edit

  • chapter / 3: When transcluded into the mainspace, the page number will be a link to the chapter specified. Include the full link to the chapter page in the mainspace, including the main page, forward slash, and chapter name. Do not include an anchor here (#eg); use the anchor / 4 parameter instead.
    • Example:
      {{scan page link|51|6|Mazeppa, a Poem/Ode}}
    • Is the same as:
      {{scan page link|51|6|chapter=Mazeppa, a Poem/Ode}}
  • anchor / 4: If chapter / 3 exists, this allows adds a link to an anchor on that page, when the template is transcluded into the mainspace (if not specified, this defaults to the page number specified by 1 + 2).
    • Example:
      {{scan page link|51|6|Mazeppa, a Poem/Ode|II}}
    • Is the same as:
      {{scan page link|51|6|chapter=Mazeppa, a Poem/Ode|anchor=II}}
  • index: the index file to use, if you wish to override the default (useful for page links to other volumes in multi-volume works). Do not add the "Index:" namespace prefix, just the filename, including .djvu/.pdf file extension.
    • Example:
      {{scan page link|95|4|index=Dictionary of National Biography volume 04.djvu}}

See also Edit

  • {{Scan page link 2}}: for page links that cannot be auto-offset (e.g. roman numerals)
  • {{Scan page link 3}}: for page links that are not auto-offset, and allow linking to mainspace chapter
  • {{TOC link}}: for table of content page links, allowing linking to mainspace chapter
  • {{Auto TOC link}}: adds an automatic link to the correct chapter in mainspace, for ease of use when large numbers of links are required
  • {{Double link}}: for any link that varies when in Page: and the mainspace
  • {{Namespace link}}: for links that vary between any namespaces