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This template is based on {{sfrac}}, but omits the horizontal line. It takes one, two or three parameters: the optional integer (may be signed), the optional numerator and the required denominator; in this order. Please do not substitute it.

It can be used to represent time signatures and figured bass as in-line text, but can also be used for centered text in the form of a fraction without the bar.

{{sfrac nobar|A|B|C}}
A B/C (integer, numerator and denominator)
{{sfrac nobar|A|B}}
A/B (numerator and denominator)
{{sfrac nobar|A}}
1/A (denominator only)


1/2 1/3 2/3 4/2 6♭/2 16 2/4 celli/basses

Vertical alignEdit

Vertical alignment can be changed. Compare

{{sfrac nobar|16|2|4}} leading to 16 2/4

{{sfrac nobar|16|2|4|vertical-align=0.1}} leading to 16 2/4

See alsoEdit

  • {{frac}}, displays common fractions using a fraction slash, e.g. 160
  • {{mfrac}}, displays common fractions using LaTeX markup, e.g.
  • {{sfrac}} for horizontal fraction line, e.g. 1/60
  • {{sfrac nobar}}, displays common fractions without a fraction line, e.g. 1/60
  • {{dual line}}, displays two lines of text as an inline block
  • {{unifrac}}, displays the Unicode character for a fraction if it exists and otherwise delegates to {{frac}}, e.g. ⅝ but 160
  • {{frac13}}, displays ⅓
  • {{frac23}}, displays ⅔