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{{sinogram}} is used to describe a sinogram that cannot be represented in Unicode.


To provide an image or a description using the w:Ideographic Description Characters, as well as a tooltip providing additional information (regular form, additional comment).


Four parameters are available
  • description or 1 is a description of the character using the w:Ideographic Description Characters
  • image is a link to an image file on Commons
  • variantof is the main character of which the problematic character is a nonstandard variant. For usages where the exact representation is less important than the readability, this variant could be replace by the main character without any change in meaning.
  • comment is an additional comment

If the image parameter is provided,the template shows the image, and the additional information is provided in the tooltip. If the image parameter is not provider, the description is shown and the additional parameters are shown in the tooltip.

All parameters are optional. If no description is provided, a replacement character is used (�).

{{sinogram|image=⿰子力.svg|description=⿰子力|comment=sawndip character, planned for Unicode extension F}}


{{sinogram|description=⿰火乚|variantof=炸|comment=not in Unicode}}




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