Template:Small scan link/doc


A small link to a scan index of a work. Do not use the Index: prefix for the link.

{{small scan link|1=Link to DJVU Index Page}}


This template uses two sets of unnamed parameters:

  • 1, 2, ...: The links to the index page. At least one is required.
  • name1, name2, ...: Alternative text for each link. Optional (defaults to "transcription project" for a single link, or sequential volume numbers for multiple volumes).



* Life with the Esquimaux. {{small scan link|Life with the Esquimaux - 1864 - Volume 1.djvu}}



* ''Armenia, Travels and Studies'' (1901) {{small scan link|Armenia, Travels and Studies, Vol. 1.djvu|Armenia, Travels and Studies, Vol. 2.djvu}}
  • Armenia, Travels and Studies (1901) (transcription volumes: 1, 2)

This is generally only used when a work is not started or is incomplete. Editors are encouraged to remove this template if the work has been completed.

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