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  • Specifically designed for William Stukeley's work Memoirs of Sir Isaac Newton's life
  • Used to transclude sections of text that author has written on the reverse of sheets, and made annotations of where text was to be inserted. The Page: namespace has the text produced as is, and when transcluded into the main namespace, the text will be inserted as the author designated.
  • page is the page number xx of the work in the Page: environment, eg. Page:Memoirs of Sir Isaac Newton's life.djvu/xx
  • note is the name of the note in the section. It is suggested that notes by named note1, note2, … per page, eg. <section begin=note1 />
  • symbol is the symbol used to mark the annotation.


On the page where the annotation is writtenEdit

  • Add the following:
<section begin=NAME />ANNOTATION TEXT<section end=NAME />
  • NAME is the name of the annotation. It must be unique on that page. The format should be "note1", "note2", etc. Every new page can start again at "note1".

On the page where the annotation is referencedEdit

  • Add the following
  • NAME must be the same as above for the the template to transclude the right annotation.
  • PAGE is the page number (in the djvu) where the annotation text is located.
  • SYMBOL is the symbol used to mark the annotation in the text. In a section of text, this should be unique, so that the explanatory footnote will link correctly.