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Template:TEHR TOC row

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Simple wrapper around {{TOC row ragged}} for use in volume TOCs of The English Historical Review.


  • volume: the number number (used for the link)
  • number: used for the issue number (optional, if omitted, the link goes directly under the volume)
  • link: The target page link name
  • display: The target page link display text, if different to link (optional).
  • author: The author name. Optional. Free-text, link and format as needed.
  • page: The page number (in the original pagination)
  • pg_offset: The DJVU page numbering offset. Optional. If omitted, the page parameter is free-text and you can use any formatting you like. If given, a {{DJVU page link}} is used.
  • page2, page3... Additional pages for split articles. Only used if pg_offset given.


{{TOC begin}}

{{TEHR TOC row
 | vol       = 36
 | number    = 1
 | link      = The 'Alimenta' of Nerva and his Successors
 | author    = ''Miss Alice M. Ashley''
 | page      = 5 
 | page2     = 10
 | pg_offset = 7

{{TOC end}}

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