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Usage Edit

This template is for use on each opinion publication relating to a United States Supreme Court Case. template:USSCcase is for use on the main page of each case.

After the Header at the top of each page insert the following with the appropriate information:

 |order                       = no
 |seriatim                    = no
 |percuriam                   = no
 |concurrence_author1         =
 |concurrence_author2         =
 |concurrence_author3         =
 |concurrence_author4         =
 |concurrence_author5         =
 |concurrence_author6         =
 |concurrence_author7         =
 |concurrence_author8         =
 |concurrence-dissent_author1 =
 |concurrence-dissent_author2 =
 |concurrence-dissent_author3 =
 |concurrence-dissent_author4 =
 |dissent_author1             =
 |dissent_author2             =
 |dissent_author3             =
 |dissent_author4             =
 |statement_author1           =
 |statement_author2           =
 |statement_author3           =
 |statement_author4           =
 |separate_author1            =
 |separate_author2            =
 |separate_author3            =
 |separate_author4            =
 |linked_cases                =
 |wikipedia 		      = no
|order= If this is an "Order of the Court" instead of an opinion, specify |order=yes.
|Percuriam= If the case was decided per curiam, specify |percuriam=yes.
|seriatim= If the decision is delivered in seriatim, specify |seriatim=yes.
|wikipedia= To link to the corresponding article in the English Wikipedia, if any, set |wikipedia=yes. |wikipedia=no removes the link from the infobox (or if you have time, head over to Wikipedia and write an article!)
Note: This template (in its current state) will link properly if and only if the {{ROOTPAGENAME}} of the Wikisource article matches that of the English Wikipedia page exactly! This template cannot determine the existence of the Wikipedia article, so it is imperative that you test the "Wikipedia article" link (Ctrl+Click to open a new tab or window) before committing your changes.