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{{User Alternate Acct Name}}Edit

{{User Alternate Acct Name|Secondary Username}}

{{User Alternate Acc}}Edit

{{User Alternate Acc|Username|Username to display (optional)|spell=spelling (optional)}}

Where "Username" is the username of your main account. Other parameters are optional; "Username to display" is the username that will be displayed in the box, and if "spell=GB" is set the template will use the British English spelling "alternative" instead of the American spelling "alternate", which is the default.

{{User Previous Acct}}Edit

{{User Previous Acct|Username|Username to display}}}}

float parameterEdit

By default this box floats to the left, if you wish to float any of these boxes to the right you can add float to each template, for example

{{User Alternate Acc|Username|float=right (optional)}}

See alsoEdit

  • {{userbox}} - basis for this template