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This template is used to introduce a wide space between two words. It is similar to {{gap}}, but the difference is that the space will not be applied at the start of a line if the text wraps, whereas "gap" will produce an indent. Similarly, the use of the   entity will produce a space that disrupts the right-hand margin.

The effect of a wide space is often found in lists and verses in texts where line breaks were not used to separate lines of text.

It will copy-paste as a single normal space.


  • 1: The spacing to apply: default "2em" (same as {{gap}}).

The {{wsp}} shortcut takes the same parameters.


You can use {{wsp1}} shortcut to insert a 1em space.


Lorem ipsum{{wide space}}dolor sit amet

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Lorem ipsum{{wide space|8em}}dolor sit amet

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Example compared to {{gap}}Edit

This is a poem typeset with {{gap}} (outlined in red)

Wikisource - wsp vs gap - gap at line end.png

As you can see, this is reserving its 2em of space even at the end of a line. If you instead wish the "gap" would behave like a normal space as disappear at the end of the line, use {{wsp}}:

Wikisource - wsp vs gap - wsp at line end.png

However, if the space did not occur at line's end, it will still show as a wider space:

Wikisource - wsp vs gap - wsp not at line end.png

See alsoEdit

  • {{gap}}: a gap which is always applied
  • {{word-spacing}}: allows to set the CSS word-spacing between words, not just a space.