Territories forming part of the Commonwealth

British Nationality Act (1981 c 61) Annex B
Territories forming part of the Commonwealth
the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
1194595British Nationality Act (1981 c 61) Annex B
Territories forming part of the Commonwealth
2011the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Members of the Commonwealth Date of Membership
United Kingdom 1931 (Statute of Westminster)
United Kingdom Dependent Territories
Crown Dependencies:

Channel Islands
Isle of Mani
United Kingdom Dependent Territories

British Antarctic Territory
British Indian Ocean Territory
British Virgin Islands
Cayman Islands
Falkland Islands and Dependencies
Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Islands
St Helena and Dependencies (principally Ascension and Tristan da Cunha)
Turks and Caicos Islands
The Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekeliaii
Antigua and Barbuda 1981
Australia 1931 (Statute of Westminster)
Australian External Territories:

Australian Antarctic Territory (including MacDonald, Heard and Macquarie Islands)
Christmas Island
Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Norfold Island
The Bahamas 1973
Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan) 1972
Barbados 1966
Belize (formerly British Honduras) 1981
Botswana (formerly Bechuanaland Protectorate) 1966
Brunei Darussalam 1984
Cameroon 1995
Canada 1931 (Statute of Westminster)
Cyprus 1961
Dominica 1978
Fiji Islandsiii 1997
The Gambia 1965
Ghana (comprising the former colony of the Gold Coast (including Ashanti), the former Northern Territories of the Gold Coast (a Protectorate), the former Togoland (a UK Trust Territory). 1957
Grenada 1974
Guyana (formerly British Guiana) 1966
India 1947
Jamaica 1962
Kenya 1963
Kiribati (formerly Gilbert Islands) 1979
Lesotho (formerly Basutoland) 1966
Malawi (formerly Nyasaland) 1964
Malaysia (including the Federation of Malaya, comprising the former Crown Colonies of Malacca and Penhang and the former Protected States of Johore, Kedah, Kelantan, Negri Sembilan, Pahang, Perak, Perlis, Selangor and Trengganu; Sabah (formerly British North Borneo); and Sarawak) 1957
The Maldives 1982 (joined as Special Member, Full Member since 1985)
Malta 1964
Mauritius 1968
Mozambique 1995
Namibia 1990
Nauru 1968
New Zealand 1931 (Statute of Westminster)
New Zealand Territories Colonies and Dependencies:

Ross Dependency
Tokelau Islands Group (formerly Union Islands)
New Zealand Territories
Associated State:

Cook Islandsiv

Nigeria (including Northern Cameroons)v 1960
Pakistanvi 1947 (left 1972, rejoined 1989)
Papua New Guinea 1975
St Kitts and Nevis 1983
St Lucia St Vincent and the Grenadines 1979 (joined as Special Member, Full Member since 1985)
Samoa 1970
Seychelles 1976
Sierra Leone 1961
Singapore 1966 (on separation from Malaysia)
Solomon Islands 1978
South Africa 1931 (Statute of Westminster) (left 1961, rejoined 1994)
Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) 1948
Swaziland 1968
United Republic of Tanzania (formerly Tanganyika) 1961 (became Tanzania in 1964 upon union with Zanzibar)
Tonga (or Friendly Islands) 1970
Trinidad and Tobago 1962
Tuvalu* (formerly Ellice Islands) 1978
Uganda 1962
Vanuatu 1980
Zambia 1964
Zimbabwe (formerly Southern Rhodesia and Rhodesia)vii 1980
Dependent Territory: A territory belonging by settlement, conquest or annexation to the British Crown or to an independent Commonwealth country.
Associated State: A state which is fully self-governing and has its own Parliament, but as a full member of the Commonwealth is responsible for its external affairs and defence. The association can be terminated at any time should an associated state opt for full independence.
Protected State: A territory which, while retaining its own sovereignty, has entered into a treaty giving the British Government certain rights and responsibilities. Its people are British protected persons.
Trust Territory: A territory (formerly a colony of a nation defeated in war) whose administration was entrusted to Britain by the United Nations Trusteeship Council.

  •   Denotes Special Members who have the right to participate in all functional meetings and activities of the Commonwealth. Special Members do not attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings (CHOGMs).

i  For the purposes of the British Nationality Act 1981 and related legislation, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man are regarded as integral parts of the United Kingdom.
ii  Areas in Section 2(1) of the Cyprus Act 1960.
iii  Suspended from the councils of the Commonwealth. Although a member, excluded from all intergovernmental meetings, including CHOGMs.
iv  The Cook Islands have complete internal self-government, but Cook Islanders are New Zealand citizens.
v  Nigeria was suspended from the Commonwealth in November 1995, but its nationals continued to be Commonwealth citizens pending constitutional reform and acceptance. The suspension was lifted on 29 May 1999.
vi  Pakistan was suspended from the councils of the Commonwealth in 1999. Full membership restored on 23 May 2004.
vii  Suspended from the councils of the Commonwealth. Although a member, excluded from all intergovernmental meetings, including CHOGMs.

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