The Acts and Monuments of John Foxe/Volume 3/Reasons and Determinations of the Masters of Paris

Reasons and Determinations of the Masters of Paris.

We affirm, That these articles aforesaid are notoriously heretical, and that they are judicially to be condemned for such, and diligently to be rooted out with their most seditious doctrines, lest they do infect others. For albeit they seem to have a zeal against the vices of the prelates and the clergy, which (the more is the pity and grief) do but too much abound, yet is it not according unto learning: for one of a sober and discreet zeal, suffereth and lamenteth those sins and offences, which he seeth in the house of God, that he cannot amend or take away; for vices cannot be rooted out and taken away by other vices and errors, forasmuch as devils are not cast out through Beelzebub, but by the power of God, which is the Holy Ghost, who willeth, that in correction the measure and mean of prudence be always kept, according to the saying, 'Mark who, what, where, and why,' by what means and when, prelates and bishops are bound, under grievous and express penalties of the law, diligently and vigilantly to bear themselves against the aforesaid errors, and such others, and the maintainers of them: for let it always be understood and noted, that the error which is not resisted is allowed; neither is there any doubt of privy affinity or society of him, who slacketh to withstand a manifest mischief.

These things are intermeddled by the way under correction, as by way of doctrine.

John Gerson, Chancellor of Paris, unworthy.

These things thus declared, a man may easily understand, that John Huss was not accused for holding any opinion contrary to the articles of our faith, but because he did stoutly preach and teach against the kingdom of Antichrist, for the glory of Christ and the restoring of the church.