The Acts and Monuments of John Foxe/Volume 3/The Epitaph of John Zisca, the valiant Captain of the Bohemians

The Epitaph of John Zisca, the valiant Captain of the Bohemians.

I, John Zisca, not inferior to an emperor or captain in warlike policy, a severe punisher of the pride and avarice of the clergy, and a defender of my country, do lie here. That which Appius Claudius, by giving good counsel, and M. Furius Camillus, by valiantness, did for the Romans; the same I, being blind, have done for my Bohemians. I never slacked opportunity of battle, neither did fortune at any time fail me. I, being blind, did foresee all opportunity of well ordering or doing my business. Zisca eleven times victor in the field.Eleven times, in joining battle, I went victor out of the field. I seemed to have worthily defended the cause of the victor in miserable and hungry against the delicate, fat, and gluttonous priests, and for the field, that cause to have received help at the hands of God. If their envy had not let it, without doubt I had deserved to be numbered amongst the most famous men. Notwithstanding my bones lie here in this hallowed place, even in despite of the pope.

'ΙΩΑΝΝΕΣ ΣΙΣΚΑΣ ὁ Βωιημὀς, τῶν αὶσχροκερδῶν ἱερέων ἐχθρὸς, ἀλλὰ ἐν θείω ζηλώ.

In English.—John Zisca, a Bohemian, enemy to all wicked and covetous priests, but with a godly zeal.

And thus have you the acts and doings of this worthy Zisca and other Bohemians, which, for the more credit, we have drawn out of Æneas Silvius; only his railing terms excepted, which we have here suppressed.

All this while, the emperor, with the whole power of the Germans, was not so busy on the one side, but Martin the pope was as much occupied on the other side; who, about the same time, directed down a terrible bull, full of all poison, to all bishops and archbishops, against all such as took any part or side with Wickliff, John Huss, Jerome, or with their doctrine and opinions. The copy of which bull, which I found in an old written monument, I wish the reader thoroughly to peruse; wherein he shall see the pope to pour out at once all his poison.